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How do I create a YouTube highlights package of Football Manager goals?

Your expensive new striker has scored an absolute worldy in Football Manager 2017. You’re basking in the adulation at the press conference (conducted by yourself in front of the bathroom mirror, obviously) and you want to share this great moment in football history on YouTube. How do you create your very own Match of the Day?

The first thing you need to do is open Football Manager, go to the Schedule and find the match you want to upload highlights from. Now click View Highlights and select Goals from the dropdown menu to rewatch the goals from the game.

Once you’ve decided which goals you want to share with the world, click Upload Highlights. You’ll be presented with a list of all the goals from the game – simply click Remove next to the goal’s listing if you don’t want to include a two-yard tap-in in your highlights package.

Football Manager 2017

You’ll notice the option to change the camera angle from another dropdown menu. There are several to choose from, including behind the goal, elevated and from the sidelines. Choose one and then select Preview Clip to ensure you’ve got the best possible vantage point. You can also choose a transition – the special effect that wipes the screen from one goal to the next adds further professional gloss.

Once you’re happy, change the video quality to 1080p (highest possible) from the menu at the top. The default 360p is so blurry it looks like a hostage video.

Now click Upload Package at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be prompted for your YouTube login details, after which the video will begin processing. Eventually, you’ll be presented with a screen like this:

Football Manager 2017 uploads


This allows you to edit the title and description of the video, as it will appear on YouTube. All the information you can see here was added automatically by the game. The only thing we added was the name of the goalscorers, as the little legends that show the player’s name in Football Manager are annoyingly removed when you upload the video. When you’re done, click OK and your clip should be ready to view from your YouTube account.

Editing the Football Manager highlights in YouTube

There’s one final touch you should add to give your highlights that Sky Sports gloss – a soundtrack. The highlights videos are uploaded without audio, so to fill the silence you can add some stirring music. Don’t even think about recreating late 90s Match of the Day with a commercial soundtrack such as the Lightning Seeds’ Life of Riley, or your video will likely be ruled offside by YouTube’s copyright cops. Instead, use one of the free audio clips provided by YouTube.

Find your video on YouTube and then click on the music note icon beneath the clip. You should see a screen like this:

YouTube music Choose a soundtrack from the list on the right. If you click on one of the entries, you’ll get a preview of the music playing underneath your video, so you can find the right one. We’ve chosen a track called Hey Sailor to underscore our Theo Walcott goal. If Mr Walcott’s lawyers are reading, we’re making absolutely no assertion about your client’s sexuality.

Click Save once you’ve found the track you want, give YouTube a few minutes to re-render the video and get ready to bore the world with your YouTube goals.

And remember, it’s not all about the big names. Here, for example, is Bermudan scoring sensation Jonte Smith scoring a smashing team goal for Lewes FC in their epic FA Trophy victory over York City in 2018-19. Lap it up, friends. Lap it up.

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