Where can I get a personalised Happy Birthday song?

Happy birthday song
Happy Birthday To... Fido, Pickles and Scratch

Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too. The Beautiful South might have forgotten your names, but Spotify hasn’t – it’s got a personalised happy birthday song for you.

Yes, if you’ve got a birthday in the family but haven’t got enough people to kickstart a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, Spotify can help you out. More importantly, if you’ve got a gullible little person in the house and want to make them feel special on their big day, you can convince them you’ve bought a special birthday song just for them.

In case you’re thinking, “Doesn’t some big company own the copyright to Happy Birthday?”, the answer is “not anymore”. Warner/Chapell Music earned millions of dollars from the copyright during the 20th century, but a 2015 ruling declared that the┬ásong was now in the public domain.

That means ‘artists’ – by which I mean someone with a Casio keyboard and a microphone – can now earn a living by recording ‘personalised’ Happy Birthday songs. It’s dead easy when you think about it – record one version of Happy Birthday, splice in a different name every time and sit back and count the fraction of the penny you get for every play.

How to find a personalised Happy Birthday song

Finding these songs in Spotify couldn’t be much easier. Go to the search facility, type “Happy Birthday Nathan” or whatever the Birthday Boy/Girl’s name is, and you’ll almost certainly get a matching result.

We’ve tested it with dozens of different names, and there are only a few that don’t register a hit. Such as…

Spotify birthday songs


Spotify birthday songs

We understand those names have rather nosedived in popularity in recent years, anyway…

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