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How do I mute a Facebook friend?

Mute a Facebook friend
Silencer: mute a Facebook's friend's inane nonsense

We’ve all done it – reluctantly accepted a Facebook invitation from a colleague and then instantly regretted it as they swamp your timeline with inane guff. How do you mute them without sparking the diplomatic crisis of instantly unfriending them?

There is a little-known, well-hidden feature in Facebook that lets you ‘unfollow’ someone whilst still remaining friends with them. Their output will no longer appear in your newsfeed, but as far as they’re aware, you’ll still be Facebook buddies. Here’s how to do it.

Mute a Facebook friend

On the Facebook website, find a post from said menace and click on the little down arrow that appears to the right of their name. You should see an option to Unfollow them. Select that, and no more of their appeals to reintroduce hanging for shoplifters should appear in your timeline.

Facebook unfollow

If you can’t find one of their posts in your timeline, search for them by name, then hover over their name in the search results. In the window that appears click Following and select Unfollow.

Facebook unfollow

If you accidentally unfollow someone or later decide to give them a second chance, just repeat the procedure above and click Follow in the pop-up window to restore them to your timeline. Although I’d definitely keep the bloke above on mute. He’s a sodding nuisance.


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