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How do I find hidden Netflix categories?

Hidden Netflix categories
If shark movies are your thing, Netflix Categories can help

Beneath the limited front page of Netflix lies a vast hidden reserve of films and TV shows. It’s a world of straight-to-DVD horror movies, clunky costume dramas and animated kids’ films so brightly coloured they’ll give you a tan.

But how do you plunge down the rabbit hole and explore this forgotten archive? Recently, many websites have published the short codes for the hidden Netflix categories, but that’s still a faff that involves repeated copying and pasting. Luckily, there’s a better way: the Netflix Categories extension for the Google Chrome browser.

This simple tool displays all of the hidden Netflix categories, no matter how obscure, and keeps them all in a handy dropdown box. Fancy relaxing with a recent release from New Zealand or pondering the meaning of a satirical film? No problem.

Getting started is phenomenally easy: make sure that you’re logged into Netflix, before heading to the Netflix Categories extension page on the Chrome Web Store and clicking the blue “Add to Chrome” button.

Once the plug-in’s been installed, a red “N” will appear in the toolbar. Click this to reveal a dropdown list of all of the categories and explore beneath the tip of Netflix’s iceberg. Just don’t blame us if you stumble across a terrifying werewolf horror movie…

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