How do I check which version of Windows 10 I’m running — and force an upgrade to the latest build?

Which version of Windows are you running?
Which version of Windows are you running?

To check which version of Windows you’re running is simple: press the Windows key once, type “about” into the search box and then click on “About your PC”.

This will tell you everything you need to know, including whether you’re running Windows 10 Home or Professional – and the precise “OS build” you have installed.

Which version of Windows
This one little settings page tells you all you need to know – probably – about your system

Chances are this won’t be the very latest version, so you may be missing out on handy new features. Here, for instance, I was humming along on Build 14393.1480. A lovely build, to be sure, but it dates from before the latest big upgrade, namely the Creators Update.

If I’d left Windows to itself then it would have eventually have upgraded me (chances are that it hadn’t earlier because I didn’t have enough hard disk space until a recent clear-out), but I decided to force the matter.

How to force Windows 10 to upgrade to the latest build

First, head to Microsoft’s Windows 10 page and then hit “Update now”. A small update utility will download that you need to run.

Force a Windows update
Oi, Microsoft, give me the latest version

After that, it’s a matter of installing as usual and following the prompts. The download will happen in the background (unless you’re on a super-fast connection it will take a while – think 20 minutes rather than 20 seconds) and install itself. You can carry on working as it goes about its business.

One reboot later, you’ll be running the latest build of Windows – and be able to take advantage of any new features.

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