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I’ve lost my BT Home Hub password card. What now?

BT Home Hub password card
Password problem: what to do if you've lost the password card?

If you’re a BT Home Hub user, you’ll be used to slipping the little plastic card out of the back of the unit every time you want the admin password to access the router’s settings. And you’ll be in something of a blind panic if that little plastic card goes missing, like mine did this morning.

Thankfully, BT has accounted for idiots like you and me among its customer base.

Find the BT Home Hub password

The admin password isn’t only printed on that removable plastic card, but also on the base of the device. If you pick the router up and look underneath, you’ll see the router’s admin password, default SSID (the name of the network) and the wireless key (the password you need to enter to access the wireless network) printed on a sticker. In other words, all the information that’s also printed on that lost password card.

BT Home Hub password


Be very careful when you’re lifting the router up to find the passwords, as it’s very easy to dislodge the network cable(s) sprouting out of the back of the router, which could knock out your internet connection.

Pro tip: the newer BT Smart Hub’s come with two little password stickers in the box, so you can stick the passwords next to your computer desk and don’t have to keep relying on that removable plastic card.

Pro tip II: you can also change the admin password of your router to something more memorable, from within the Hub’s settings. Go to Settings > Admin Password. You’ll get the opportunity to create a password hint, in case you forget it. If you still can’t remember it, you’ll have to factory reset the router.

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