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How can I delete my Netflix viewing history?

Netflix viewing history
Get rid of guilty Netflix pleasures

Picture the scene: it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and you’ve just binge-watched two series of Benidorm on Netflix. You’ve had a word with yourself and decide you want to delete the evidence of your Johnny Vegas et al marathon. You clear your browser’s history, sit back and relax.

Don’t get too comfortable: Netflix keeps a full record of your viewing history, a rogue’s gallery of misspent evenings, to help generate future recommendations. To clear Miranda and other crimes against comedy from your viewing list, click on the top-right menu (underneath your picture and username) and select Account.

On the Account page, scroll down to the My Profile section and select “Viewing activity”.

This will bring up a list of viewed, or partially viewed, films and programmes sorted by date – which can often make for quite shocking reading. Forgotten about that time you watched the whole of Breaking Bad without sleep? Netflix hasn’t.

Delete Netflix historyTo clear the record, simply click on the cross next to each entry. Afterwards, you will see the message “[Name of film/TV programme] will be removed from your viewing activity on all devices within 24 hours.”

In our experience, it takes a lot less than a day for the viewing activity to disappear from all of our devices, meaning you can enjoy the next six series of Benidorm without the fear of being endlessly mocked by your family.

Note that the process is exactly the same when deleting your guilty pleasures via a smartphone or tablet: tap Settings | Account and you will be redirected to the Netflix website, where you can access your viewing history. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of items directly from your TV, but, if you follow the desktop process, the offending programmes or films will be removed within 24 hours anyway.

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