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How do I pay by cash on Amazon?

Pay by cash on Amazon
Coin slot: don't do this at home

It’s a little-known fact that the USB ports on computers are designed to accept the new £1 coins, allowing you to pay by cash on Amazon.

OK, stop it. No, don’t push that quid in there. Yes, we were kidding and, yes, that has shorted your motherboard. Still, at least you’ve still got a quid to put towards the new laptop, eh?

Amazingly, however, there is a way to pay for stuff on Amazon by cash, allowing those without credit or debit cards to buy Russ Abbot tea towels too. Although it’s a little more complicated than shoving coins in the slot…

How to pay by cash on Amazon

Cash payments are possible through a newly rebranded scheme called Amazon Top-Up. It works like this. Register for an Amazon account, if you haven’t already done so, and then go to the Amazon Top-Up page.

From here you’ll get yourself a barcode, which you can take into a store and top-up your Amazon gift card account in exchange for pictures of the Queen (technically, they have to be on bank notes). There are two ways to get the barcode – you can either have it sent to your phone or you can print it out. You can add between a fiver and £250 to your account.

Which stores accept cash on Amazon’s behalf? It’s retailers in the PayPoint network – you can find your nearest PayPoint store using this search tool.

And there you have it. 1973’s payment method finally arrives on the internet in 2017. We’ll all be getting space hoppers next.




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