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Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 a Force to be reckoned with?

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Darker side: Battlefront 2 lacks the cinematic feel of the original

Earlier this week the free ‘beta’ of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was made available, only to be snatched away from the players a few days later until the full-fat, final release of the game is available next month. But, is the game, based on this beta, any good?

I’m an avid Battlefield player, coming into the franchise with Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 wasn’t as good and, well, Battlefield 1 looks great but there is definitely a spark missing. When Star Wars Battlefront came out last year, it was as if all my Christmases were coming at once, being a massive fan of both franchises. Initially I was bowled over by the sheer cinematics of the game – the video and audio made you feel as if you were actually in a Star Wars film. Sadly, it too lacked a certain something: longevity of play. It all became quite ‘samey’ – the strategic elements of earlier Battlefield games were missing, reducing the game to mindless shooting.

For Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield developer DICE has gone and in comes a new developer – but is it any better? In a word, no. In fact, it’s got a lot worse.

The graphics and audio have taken a dip in quality and that cinematic feel of the first game has gone. It plays differently too – more like the original Battlefront game, way back in the days of the PlayStation 2. Which is good, right? People loved that game. They did, but that was a long time ago in gaming years and a lot of more advanced FPS games have come and gone since.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: gameplay

The simplistic gameplay no longer cuts the mustard. For the space battles, for example, I found the ships difficult to control and, back on the ground, the new developers have decided to drop the standard control layout which DICE have used for all their previous FPS games and use their own setup – this really doesn’t help when moving between games and just means that we have another set up of controls to learn.

Star Wars Battlefront 2


Thankfully it looks as if EA has decided to drop their past insistence on customers having to buy additional DLC (which caused fragmentation amongst players, as many found they couldn’t play on the same maps with their friends). However, unlike recent games such as Overwatch and Titanfall 2, which generate additional revenue with purchasable customisation, Battlefront 2 will do so by allowing players to purchase weapons and other capabilities, rather than unlocking them as they advance through the game.

So called ‘pay to win’, this leads to players being able to buy their way towards success, creating an uneven and unfair form of gameplay. EA deny this, saying that the most powerful weapons will only be unlockable in the game itself, but it’s undeniable that those who splash out for the weapons packs will be given an immediate boost.

Needless to say, I’m not impressed and I’m certainly not planning to order the game. If I feel the need to immerse myself in the Star Wars universe, I’ll turn to the original.

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