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How do I close Twitter images on my iPad/iPhone?

Screen rage: closing Twitter images can be tiresome

Opened a Twitter image on an iPad/iPhone recently? Spent the next six minutes trying to close the image by tapping the ridiculously small x button in the top left-hand corner of the screen? Yes, me too and it’s stonkingly annoying. More irritating than a Keith Lemon Christmas Special, in fact.

Twitter images

In the absence of Twitter making the close button work properly, how do you stop the closing of every image turning into the world’s least fun version of Whac-A-Mole? Just swipe down from the middle of the page and the image will be closed. Don’t swipe down from the top, or you will engage the notifications menu.

There, now you can go back to using Twitter without invoking a fit of rage on every image. No need to thank me. Thank @mattjr instead, who gave me this delicious little tip on Twitter.

Main pic credit: refeia/Flickr

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