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Ring Chime Pro review: a worthy upgrade for Ring doorbell owners?

Ring Chime Pro
Loud and proud: the Chrime Pro makes it easier to hear your doorbell

In a word: yes.

The Ring Chime Pro instantly solves two problems for Ring Video Doorbell owners. The first was that the original Chime – the bit that makes the noise in your house when someone presses the smart doorbell – simply wasn’t loud enough. We had our original Chime in the living room of our modest three-bedroom house, and we could barely hear it upstairs. Ring has cranked the volume to 11 with this new Chime, so that you’ve got a much better chance of hearing it at max volume.

The second great thing they’ve done with the Chime Pro is to make it double as a Wi-Fi extender. The Ring doorbell only works on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band and its Wi-Fi reception is poor. We can’t get a strong enough signal from our router to the doorbell, which is no more than five or six meters and a couple of walls away.  Previously we were using a plug-in Wi-Fi extender as well as the Chime – now the single Chime Pro device can serve both purposes. That saves electricity and unnecessary congestion on the Wi-Fi network.

The Chime Pro has two external antennae sticking out either side of the unit, which might obstruct a neighbouring socket on a double wall plug. However, those antennae ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is solid. I’ve been using the Chime Pro for more than a week and we’ve not missed a single ring of the doorbell.

Sadly, the Chime Pro only extends the Wi-Fi to other Ring devices – you can’t use it as a Wi-Fi extender for your laptops, smartphones or other devices, which seems like an opportunity missed. And at £49, it’s one expensive doorbell chime. But if you need to make your Ring Video Doorbell system more audible and less hassle, it’s an expense that’s probably worth sucking up.

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  • I purchased a Video Doorbell 2 with a Chime pro wifi extender approximately 2-3 months ago. I was told that’s all you need your good to go.
    It wasn’t inexpensive so maybe my expectations were too high. I am not impressed at all. I have paid for the yearly fee to ring as well in optimism .The delay time to view a ” motion at your door ” is too long as I constantly miss the person after ” accepting the motion “. But I can live with that as I can view it on replay 2 or 3 minutes later. But what bothers me the most is when someone rings the doorbell, at least 60% of the times after “accepting the ring ” the screen message on my phone is ” your phone is having difficulty communicating with ring “. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m 2 blocks away or right in the house. It’s just not consistent ! Please advise . P.S. I have checked my wifi signal and it is strong from my router.

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