Football Games World Cup: what’s the best ever football videogame?

Best ever football videogame: Sensible Soccer
Sensible choice? Will SWOS be world champion?

You join us at BTQ headquarters, here at Lancaster Gate, for the quarter-finals draw of the Football Games World Cup.

Sir Bert Millichip will be drawing the home teams:

Sir Bert Millichip

Rod Stewart will be drawing the away teams:

Rod Stewart

The format is Beckhamishly simple. Eight titles handpicked by our co-editor Barry Collins will go into the hat to contest the four quarter-finals. The game that gets the most public votes on Twitter will move to the next round of the competition until we’ve crowned a champion. Or all got bored, given up and gone down the pub.

The eight titles span the entire history of football gaming, from the mid-80s to the current day. We’ve selected the games by series (Football Manager, FIFA etc) rather than individual versions (FIFA 16, 17 etc) as arguments over which version of a particular game was the best are more tedious than a David Pleat co-commentary.

So here, without further Freddy Adu, is the draw for the quarter-finals:

Football Manager vs Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

Microprose Soccer vs Football Director

Pro Evolution Soccer vs FIFA

Sensible Soccer vs Rocket League

Matches will be played the week commencing 27th of October on BTQ. Keep an eye on the BTQ Twitter account for news of the latest matches and your chance to vote.

Stay with us. It’s gonna be smashing.

Des Lynam



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