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How can I switch off Donald Trump’s Twitter account?

Switch off Donald Trump's Twitter
Top Trump: you can silence el Presidente too

Most people’s last day of work is clearing their desk and then sloping off to the pub at lunchtime. One outgoing Twitter employee decided to do something a bit special on their last day: switch off Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Heroes don’t always wear capes, as the saying goes.

Alas, the Trump Twitter silence lasted no longer than 11 minutes when Twitter rumbled what had happened and restored the Don’s account. But if a Trump-free Twitter sounded like a better world to you, there are ways of eliminating the President from your own Twitter feeds. And they don’t involve a grassy knoll…

How to silence Trump on Twitter

You don’t have to follow @realDonaldTrump on Twitter to have your feed filled with his output, because his comments are monotonously retweeted by news organisations, supporters, critics and Lily Allen.

To prevent any of his tweets appearing in your feed, even if retweeted by someone you like, you can mute his account. Go to on the Twitter website and click the three dots next to Follow. In there, you’ll find the option to mute his account, removing all future tweets from your timeline, mentions and notifications (with a couple of notable exceptions, as noted on the Twitter support page).

You can go a step further and eliminate all mention of the President whatsoever, by vanishing any tweet that contains the word ‘Trump’. Back on the Twitter website, click on your profile icon at the top of the page and click Settings and Privacy. Now click Muted Words on the left-hand side and click Add. Pop ‘Trump’ in the box at the top and take your pick from the various options that appear below:

Mute Trump on Twitter

You can unmute the Trump account and mention of his name at any time.

In the interests of political balance, I should point out that you can also mute @HillaryClinton, @SenSanders and @TheDebbieMcGee too. (She’s a left-wing nutcase is Debbie.)

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