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How do I fix a PlayStation 4 corrupted data error?

PlayStation 4 corrupted data error
Game off: corrupted data errors can occur during game installations

There I was, three years ago, with a fresh, wrapped copy of Grand Theft Auto V for my PlayStation 4. I unwrapped it, inserted the disc into the console and left it for a couple of minutes whilst I went off and did something else. The next thing I heard was a couple of beeps as the PlayStation switched itself off.

I turned the PS4 back on and found a broken file icon with the words “corrupted data” alongside it. Highlighting the icon and pressing the Options button only gave me the option to eject the disc. Restarting the PS4 didn’t help either.

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The game must have been recognised at some point as the PS4 was also downloading an update for it. I wondered if the disc itself was physically damaged, so I dashed back to Game for a replacement, which they were happy to give me. Except the replacement showed the same error.

To me, it looked as if the installation was interrupted and then became corrupted (I didn’t know I was a rapper). Simple solution – delete the files and start again. Except that I couldn’t. There’s no way to view the files installed on a PS4 – once a game’s fully installed you can delete it, but in its halfway state there’s nothing you can do.

Fix a PlayStation 4 ‘corrupted data’ error

The error log showed a code of CE-34875-7. Sony is the master of displaying cryptic error numbers without actually providing any detail as to what they mean. Indeed, Google that error and you’ll find nothing from Sony, only people discussing it in the Sony forums.

In the end, with lots of Googling, I found a solution – rebuilding the database. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the PS4 completely (i.e. not in Rest Mode).
  • Once off, press and hold the power button. Release it after you’ve heard two beeps: one when you initially press, and another about seven seconds later.
  • This will boot the PS4 into “Safe Mode“.
  • Connect a DualShock 4 controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. If the PS4 isn’t recognising the controller, you may have attached a ‘power only’ USB cable – use the one that came with the controller.
  • Select the option “Rebuild Database”. It will warn you that it may take hours. In my case, it took less than a minute.

Once rebooted, the controller can be used wirelessly, as normal. I’d removed the disc so that the PS4 didn’t try and do anything with it while rebuilding the database. Putting it back in after the rebuild caused the standard game icon and options to appear, and it installed without any problems.

It’s worth noting that there are similar issues where it fails during the installation process itself and this can occur if you’ve installed bonus extras before the game itself. This is a particular problem for GTA V.

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  • What if this still does not work? Not even reinstall option 6 or 7 from safe mode menu work. Then what can be done without having to send it in and spend a ton of money?

    • Have you ruled out that it’s not the game disc itself (assuming you’ve got a physical copy)? Otherwise, it’s perfectly possible that it’s a corrupt disc.

      Otherwise… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The PlayStation forums may have other things you could try – I found this solution after exhausting everything else but different situations appears to have different fixes.

      • it wont let me fully turn off the ps4 when i try it says corrupted data base restart ps4 i tried that to and it still wouldn’t let me nothing else will work

  • Btw I have a downloaded game but Its just this one game thats telling me to delete and reinstall but still nothing the game acutally takes longer to load and get off startup screen.

  • I’m getting a corrupt data from Hulu I tried what you wrote and reinstalled it nothing is working

  • I was watching a movie so when I finished it I turned off my PS4. Then after 3 hours I wanted to play Star Wars battlefront 2, I put the disc in and it said it had corrupted data so I tried your solution and it did not work. So please help me this is my favorite game ☹️☹️😞

    • Hi Aiden. As the game is fully installed (unlike the game in the article) you should be able to delete it from the PS4 – once that’s done, re-install and it should work. Alternatively, it may be that your disc is genuinely corrupt – look for scratched or smudges. In this case, try cleaning it yourself with a damp, lint-free cloth. If this doesn’t help, Game can clean your discs professionally for a small fee.

  • Hi Dave,

    My PS4 keeps cutting off for itself during gameplay it does this repeatedly until it checks for disc errors then works normally. Also since this has started, it has also began coming on and shutting down on it’s own repeatedly causing me to unplug, what can I do, if anything at all, to resolve this.

    • Oh, that doesn’t sound so good. Is it always the same game or does this occur with others? Does it happen only with disc games?

      If it’s any game and it’s disc-related, it might be worth running a disc cleaner through the drive.

      Otherwise, I would suggest using the excellent guides over at iFixit, take your PS4 apart and clean the fan and any debris inside.

      It could be power related – check your power lead and ensure your PS4 is on a surge protected mains. If you’re feeling particularly brave you could think about replacing the power supply and/or hard drive, either of which could be at fault here. I’ve written a guide on how to replace the PS4’s hard drive, which makes it a lot less painful –

  • What about if I’ve tried rebuilding data base? And I’ve tried cleaning my game and deleting it from PS4 n reinstalling? I’ve tried it all and none of it worked? Plz help gta 5 is my best game n I can’t play because this issue

    • In this case Ashley, it may simply be that the disc is indeed corrupt. Are there any signs of damage to the silver side of the disc at all? It may be worth taking it to your local Game, as they have machines that can clean discs more thoroughly.

  • My Persona 5 savedata is suddenly corrupted, it was fine before, I tried rebuild the database, reinstall the game, what can I do now, please help I had 126hrs of gameplay

    • If you have PlayStation plus you can re download save data from the cloud this should fix your problem just to to settings then application save data management and the you should be able to find the save data in the cloud

  • Hi david
    I have this problem when i was trying to download fortnite game on my ps4
    The download was mocing normaly
    But the download stoped before 50 mb of the end
    And the error is data corrupted (CE-36244-9)
    I gave did the rebuild database but it doesnt work
    Can you help me at this problem ?

  • Hi david
    I was tryng to download fortnite game but it suddenly stoped in the end of the downloadThe error was : data is corrupted
    I retried the download 3 times and the same problem is happening
    I have tried to rebuild data base but it again doesnt worked
    Can you help me ?

  • This worked although I just had to power down my device with the button and continue to hold it the rebuilt the database itself apon power up

  • Hi Dave, should I do anything differently if my game is dowloaded on my PS4? It lets me play BO4 for about 3 minutes then says corrupted data, delete and reinstall application. I have tried this about 5 times and your strategy and nothing seems to work. What should I do?

    • Hey i just encountered this problem and have no clue how to fix it, ive rebuilt database multiple times, alongside reinstalling the game, did you happen to find the solution

  • Why didn’t you said that it will delete everything from my ps4?
    because of you all my 20 games are deleted and i don’t have CD of them anymore .

    • Hi Umang,

      I’m slightly confused by this – if you don’t have the disks how did the games run? Even though they install onto the hard-drive, you’re required to inserts the disks for the games to then work.

      That aside, I’ve never seen this happen before. The rebuild of the database is a standard PS4 process, and often happens after downloads and upgrades – all this is doing is forcing it as a one-off to resolve a corruption issue. If the PS4 has now removed all your games, that might suggestion a bigger issue than a simply one-game corruption.

  • It is hard to describe it but, it is already in safe mode before even doing any of these steps, and it tells me that I have to go to and download a reinstallation and put it in the ps4 and it still doesn’t work, I have enough storage so that shouldn’t be a reason.

  • Hi Dave,
    Yesterday I was playing ff Xv and I was saving my game like normal and the “saving” icon appeared just as it should when a power outage happened and my ps4 just completely shut down in the middle of saving. When the power came back I turned it on again and found my whole saved data was corrupted for only ff Xv. Is there any way to recover my saved data? I also don’t have a ps plus membership so it wasn’t backed up or saved to any external storage devices. Any form of help would be appreciated.

  • My game (Spiderman, digital copy) crashes and I am prompted that the application data is corrupted. It happens at a specific mission in game, the research stations. I can skip those and do anything else within the game and it works fine. I have tried re-installing the game and rebuilding the database from safe mode. Neither have worked. I can also play any other game without issue. What should I do next? I am hesitant to re-initialize my PS4 since a have about 1.5TB of games on it.

  • Jenna, I have the same problem with Hulu being “corrupted” I’ve done all the steps and found that it will never be repaired. My best thought was purchasing a chrome stick for $20 and using that to stream Hulu, otherwise I just plugged my laptop into the tv via HDMI cable and watched from there.

  • I got a problem I updated black ops 4 and it was fin and when I gave the game to my friend the disk won’t read and it said corrupt data

  • Every time I try to rebuild data it gives me this error (SU-41336-7) what does that mean? What to do next?

    • Hi Tino,

      Unfortunately, I don’t know for sure. Sony don’t publish details of what all of these error codes means. Looking at various forums it would appear, though, that most people believe this is a hard drive failure of some kind. So, a new hard drive and rebuild may be the solution.

  • Hello, so ive been facing this problem for a while now, last week it was ok if i play for a while, then this error appears, starting this weekend, its preventing me from playong the game.

    The thing is i have the bioshock collection. It comes in two discs. The first one includes bioshock 1+2. And i have it since last year where i played bioshock one and beat the game. Now im on bioshock 2, and im like 60% in the game. Where this error started appraring. See the game has a menu where you choose between bioshock 1+2. Whicb works fine. Then i choose bioshock 2. Wich still works fine. Then i get to the main menu of bioshock 2. Which is also fine. I load my game. I wait until i can press X button so that my game starts. And it’s when this error appears and the game crashes. I tried rebuilding database and it’s still the same. My disc is totally clean with ZERO scratches. Do yoy think a format would do ?

    I need help plleaaaase i really wanna play the game. Also i tried running assassin’s creed which worked fine. 🙁 PLEASE I NEED HELP

    • I would try uninstalling the game and then re-installing again (you can restore your game saves after this so no progress is lost). If it occurs at the same point then that would suggest the disc does have issues, whether it’s visible or not.

  • Hey umm Dave I have a ps4 and my game payday 2 which does not require a disc gave me a message of corrupted data and stuff I’m wondering if the same process will work and if I have to delete the game and redownload it or it’s fine wher it is