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How do I tell if I’ve got 280 characters on Twitter?

280 characters on Twitter
Long form: tweets now have more characters than a A Game of Thrones

The days of Telegramese tweets are nearing an end. Twitter is now fast rolling out 280 characters for every account, doubling the number of characters you can use in a single tweet and making Donald Trump even more unbearable. But how do you know if you’ve got 280 characters on Twitter?

The giveaway is the little counter that appears in the Twitter apps. If you’re in 280 land, the numerical character counter has been replaced with a circle. This acts like a progress bar, gradually filling as you type more characters.



If you’re still stuck on 140, you’ll see the numerical character countdown, as before.



Twitter appears to be rolling out 280 at a rapid pace now, having tested it with only a small portion of the userbase for the past few weeks. If you’re still stuck on 140, you shouldn’t have long to wait.

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