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Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse review: does it make a noise?

Logitech M590 Silent Mouse
Copy and paste text between your Mac and your PC with the click of the Logitech M590 Silent Mouse

I don’t want to be the one who dobs Logitech to Trading Standards, but the truth is the Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse is not, in fact, a silent wireless mouse. I guess Logitech M590 Much Quieter Wireless Mouse didn’t have the same resonance with the marketing guys.

But that’s what it is. Compared to the annoying clicks of a typical mouse, the M590 has a blissful, subdued click. The BMW door of clicks, if you will, although you don’t lose the ability to use your indicator after you buy it. Click on the audio file below and you’ll hear what I mean.

What it also holds in common with a BMW is the premium price. At £45 from Amazon it’s disappointing not to find a pair of leather gloves and free golf club membership enclosed in the box, especially when I spotted the similarly quiet Logitech M330 Silent Plus on offer for £16.

The M590 is a more compact mouse, though, and tucks a couple of other nice features that will appeal to those with multiple homes. Computers. I mean multiple computers.

Because, at the press of the tiny button below the scroll wheel it can flick between two different systems. These might both connect via Bluetooth, or you can choose to insert the RF chip in one and connect to Bluetooth on the other. Once set up, it’s seamless.

There’s another nice feature too: if you install Logitech Flow software on both systems, you can even move your cursor from one screen to another, and copy and paste text too. Very cool.

Logitech M590 Silent Mouse colours
The Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse comes in red, black and grey

Other than that, there’s little to get anyone excited. Two programmable buttons sit under your thumb on the left of the mouse, which does assume you’re right-handed – it’s perfectly comfortable in the left-hand though. And you can choose between any of the three colours.

I also love the fact it can survive – according to Logitech – on a single AA battery for two years. I’ve only been testing it for two months so can’t verify that, but even if it’s a year’s life I’d be happy.

In short – expensive, but, like that second chalet in the Alps, you won’t regret buying it.

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Logitech M590
  • Features
  • Silent operation
  • Value for money


Not silent but still a great buy for power clickers

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  • I have had two M590 and both have just quit on the bluetooth . I love it when it works but now I cannot use the bluetooth side of it.. Probably will not get another since reaching out to logitech support with no response from them

      • Hi Tim,
        Can you confirm M590’s backward compatibility? And if it is backward compatible with Android 4.4.2 KitKat with kernal version 3.4.67?

        A lil confused as product description says that it supports “Linux 2.6 +” and also “Android 5.0 or later ”

        PS: Hoping Wayne’s feedback was resolved with your help and that its a rare case cz i am to buy a m590 ASAP for my older as well new devices