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How do I get a refund from Amazon after 30 days?

How to claim refunds from Amazon after 30 days
How do you claim a refund when a product breaks after a few months of use? There is a way....

Amazon is brilliant at providing refunds or replacements for items if it’s within 30 days of purchase. Head to your order list and the option is right there. But here’s how to get a refund or replacement from Amazon after 30 days have passed.

Note this article was updated in the middle of 2020 to reflect Amazon’s slightly changed approach.

How to get a refund from Amazon after 30 days: Step 1, aka avoiding the Returns page

Amazon's Your Account page

Log into your account and select Your Account. You’ll see a button that says “Your Orders. Track, return, or buy things again”. Ignore this. It isn’t your friend when it comes to orders over 30 days old.

Instead, hit the button that say “Help”. You’ll then see this selection of options (or similar).

Amazon Help

Again, avoid the Returns & Refunds. If more than 30 days have passed since you placed the order, this won’t help you.

Instead, click the Contact Us box.

Amazon chat refund after 30 days

Click the “Start chatting now” box on the left. You can get help via the phone (see the button below) but chat is easier and quicker on most occasions.

How to get a refund from Amazon after 30 days: Step 2, aka using the Chat service

You will see a pop-up chat window similar to the below:

Amazon Chat Assistant

The keywords it’s looking for are, I suspect, “return”, “refund” and “faulty”. When I typed in “I want to return a faulty item for a refund”, it automatically came up with a list of products I had bought – stretching back years.

Amazon Chat Find Item for refund

I scrolled down to find the TaoTronics speaker that stopped working and selected it, but could just have easily searched for an item in the “Search your items” box.

At this point, the chatbot offers the option of a callback or to connect you to someone via chat. I chose the latter, and was connected to Gopinath within a minute.

Amazon Chat connect to assistant

He already had details of my order and quickly worked out that this item was sold by an independent seller but fulfilled by Amazon. So, he couldn’t organise a direct replacement but could organise a refund.

Amazon Chat process refund

As you can see, you can opt for a direct refund or a gift card. The latter is quicker, so I went for that.

How to get a refund from Amazon after 30 days: Step 3, return your goods

Within a minute of ending my chat with Gopinath, an email landed in my account explaining how to return the goods. I won’t go through that process in detail as it will vary depending on what you choose, but it should be straightforward.

In my case, I dropped off the item at a local shop that includes a Hermes Drop Off centre. I didn’t even need to print the label, with the shop scanning the QR code sent in the email (it’s also in the app, but I had to dig through my orders to find the relevant item and then select “View return label & instructions”).

Note that you only have one week to return the item, so don’t forget!

So, there you go. Far more difficult than it should be, but the usual Amazon efficiency once you know what you’re doing.

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  • This worked perfectly. I had a gift that I purchased for my mother for her birthday which it turned out she was unable to use due to health reasons. My father didn’t return it within the 30 day window because of, you know, life…and Amazon worked with me to return the item. Thanks for the article…it helped a ton and saved me a lot of time navigating what could have been a potentially frustrating Amazon experience.

  • Tim, you are brilliant. I just got a return label from Amazon for an item I bought 4 months ago. It was unopened and still in perfect condition.
    I had done so much stuff around the house since my husband had been sick that I felt I could actually become a car mechanic! Failed that test before I even started. Anyway, you walked me thru it and Amazon is taking back the $76 tool I bought. Could not have done it without you. Thank you so much!.

      • Yes, but this hurts Amazon sellers. Many are small businesses and when you return something saying it is defective when it’s not you are damaging somebody’s metrics. Think about it first.

  • Thank you for the detailed instructions. Worked perfectly for me too. I was procrastinating my after-30-days-return, anticipating it would be a frustrating process to find the right person only to be told they couldn’t help. But within a few minutes, I found my way to the chat box and after explaining why I didn’t return within 30 days I was given the option of a full refund or replacement of the defective item. Very pleased with your help and Amazon’s customer service.

  • Thank you Tim for this useful information. I bought a projector 9 months ago, that had developed a fault and I had a feeling that the chances of getting a refund would be slim. With your advise on took about 5 minutes in chat, and a refund was agreed.

  • Thank you for this advice. I was having a hell of a job trying to return a faulty pressure cooker that was three months old.
    Now thanks to you I have received a full refund.

  • Thank you Tim! This method worked great with an $800 order of drapery and tracks that were a gift for my mother. Three months after the tracks were ordered, and a month and a half after sheers were ordered, we were finally ready to do the installation and found the tracks and sheers were not compatible with the windows in my mother’s new condo. I followed your steps and the Chat customer service rep was very helpful. I think it also helped that I had never asked for a refund beyond the 30-day window before and have been a good customer. Thanks for your clear directions.

  • Hi! Great info! However, i have sort of different reason for 2 late returns…
    One is I printed labels and attached to package ready to drop off but put them in my trunk and the deadline was missed to actually drop them off…
    That has happened several times now and I have 3-4 packages that Injust missed the deadline AFTER printing and requesting the return.

    Also, what if the actual items aren’t actually defective, broken or missing pieces? Several of my returns aren’t even opened? Like brand new in package?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Brooke – there’s a chance to put a personal message explaining why you’re returning something during the process, so I suggest you press ahead and try it! In general, I suspect that Amazon will give a full refund for unopened goods, especially if you’re a long-term customer…

      • I just tried it and the Amazon rep told me they could not print a return label after 30 days and that I need to contact the manufacturer (not sure why they will issue a refund since I didn’t buy it from them).

      • Hi – not sure why that would be, other than a) a confused rep b) exceptional circumstances for your purchase. I’d give it another go if I was you…

  • Thank you Tim, your guide was totally invaluable go my issue resolved in minutes – once I’d followed your guide.

  • thank you so much! followed your instructions got my problem resolved and New WD External drive on its way already

  • Hello Tim!

    I bought a RAM from Amazon and it stopped working like a month after buying it or so, Would I be able to still make a refund?
    It passed the 30 days, but not my fault, the item stopped working to close to the date, thanks!

    • Hi Francisco – sorry for the late reply, I’ve only just seen this. Yes, using this method you should be able to get a refund or replacement. Good luck!

  • Tim you are a star. I was going round in circles on Amazon’s site trying to find out how to return a product which broke after 5 months.

    • Also, many thanks from me. This was a great help! I was wondering about in the maze of the Amazon page trying to find out how to return a faulty item that I bought in October. It is now on its way back, having followed your instructions and opened up a chat with Amazon, they replied immediately and sent me a link to print a label. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!

  • Hi Tim,
    really clear info, got me an instant refund on some rechargeable batteries for a cordless drill that died, after 7 months. I’d recommend getting the Amazon Gift Card refund, they’d issued it by the time I finished the chat!

  • Thank you soooop much, this was very helpful. I didn’t click on “item was defective because it wasn’t but clicked on “item not as expected” and I still got a chat option. I was honest and stated I needed a larger size shoe. They said they would still allow a refund even after the 30 days because I was a “valued customer” (meaning we buy a lot!!) It also might have helped that it was just 7 days after the return date had passed.

    • I don’t think Step 1 works any more, you only get the option to chat or have them call you.

  • Extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed directions. I was successful in returning a defective product that was outside the 30 minute return window. Without this blog article I wouldn’t have had a clue how to get a return.

  • This site was very helpful for returning something beyond 30 days from Amazon. After contact us, it was different than you described above (probably new update), but I did get an online chat which was able to assist within 10 minutes so that I could describe the delay for the return. Thank you.

  • I must have gone around in circles 5 times trying to figure this out before I found your post! Wanted to log a complaint about an item that was discovered to be faulty after the returns period. Worked like a charm, thank you!

  • Thank you for the Chat address as our faulty item, which had been working great, is less than 6 months old

  • Another bit that may help if your running out of time for the regular return. Request to return it before you run out of time. You will then get at least an additional month without fuss. UPS may be asking for it but I’ll just ask them for the label and they always give it to me. That they don’t have to be bothered any further and I can just slap on there and they can pick it up on their next visit.

  • Tried this method with ZERO success. All I received from chat agent was sympathy but a hard line about having no return or refund option available to them and I had to deal with manufacturer. Not sure how everyone else is getting a positive result but chat agent remained adamant there was no return option available.

    Item became faulty about 2 months after purchase. Now I just have another thing that will head off to the landfill.

  • Tim, I was at a loss to know what to do when an item I bought from Amazon Prime stopped working after 3 months and 10 days. I discovered your article and went through the process you described, step by step. The lady from Amazon was great and refunded the money. Well I took the option of the Gift card as you recommended. Without your article I would not have been able to do it.

  • Hi Tim,

    This worked!!! Once After the chat agent insisted that they window was closed, I expressed that we do not have any need for the item. They decided to accept my return. Thank you for the information!. Extremely helpful!

  • Thanks! I didn’t get some of the options you talked about but I did figure out how to get to call a human and they refunded my items minus a ‘restocking’ fee.

  • It still worked (mine was 61 days late) although I don’t know if they will do it each time so hopefully you don’t get into this dilemma again. I had to explain why I wasn’t able to return it in time and why I wanted to return it. You have to pack the items separately per seller if you order it from different sellers and have them ready for pick up or drop off with UPS. They will want you to get it done by the next day unless you figure out a way to schedule the pickup on a different day. Refund will be received within 7 days from receipt of their product.

  • Thank you! My website looked a little different but found help via: At bottom of site under “Let Us Help You” > Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help> Contact Us. Your instructions were super helpful with the chat conversation. They issued me a return label and my replacement item should be here tomorrow. Wahoo!

  • Doing this hurts sellers, who many are independent small businesses. This hurts there metrics and they loose even more money because you are teaching people a sneaky way of getting around of 30 day return policy. People don’t even realize that. Why not acknowledge that you made a mistake, didn’t return on time or ordered wrong measurements and take the loss instead of hurting the seller with your “defective” excuses?! SO LAME!

    • Not doing this when a seller is providing a sub-standard product is harming the consumer. I don’t care how small a business they are, they shpould be providing goods of good quality.

  • This is a brilliant article. Online chat worked a dream with Amazon. I’ll return my leaking walking shoes through Hermes, QR code supplied by Amazon for a full refund.




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