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How can I remove game promotions from the PlayStation 4?

Remove game promotions from the PlayStation 4
It's your Destiny - or is it?

If you don’t already own a copy of Destiny 2 but you do own a PlayStation 4 then, chances are, the first time you turn it on after Christmas, you’ll see the game listed amongst your collection. Bad news – it’s not in your collection. As that annoying little Buy Now tag betrays. What you’re seeing is an irritating game promotion.

Click on it and it will take you to the PlayStation Store listing for the game so that you can purchase it. It appears this has been introduced to promote the game to new PS4 owners but has gone down about as well as finding a hand grenade in your Christmas stocking…

How to remove the promotion from your home screen

The promotion can be removed easily, thankfully. Simply highlight it, press the OPTIONS button on your controller and then select the ‘Delete’ option.

However, that doesn’t prevent Sony from pulling this kind of stunt again. To do that, you’ll need to read on…

How to prevent future promotions from appearing

Whether you had the Destiny 2 promotion appear or not, you may want to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you in future. It’s hidden deep within the settings but it can be stopped:

  1. Head to “Settings” and then “System”
  2. Select “Automatic Downloads”
  3. Now ensure that “Featured Content” is unticked

And now you can sit back, eat another mince pie and relax in the knowledge that you shouldn’t receive any further surprises the next time you want to have a quick hour on Plants Vs Zombies.

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