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How do I change my Sky Wi-Fi password?

Change Sky Wi-Fi password
Changing your Sky password is a piece of proverbial gateaux

We should all change our Sky Wi-Fi password. The default passwords are often shared online by cyber-criminals, making your Wi-Fi incredibly easy to hack. Moreover, updating your password as a Sky broadband customer is so straightforward that there’s no excuse not to.

Sky Wi-Fi password: How to change it

1. Before you begin, note that you’ll have to re-enter your new Sky Wi-Fi password into every connected device, so it’s worth having them handy. You should also let family members know that you’ve made the change before they start unplugging the Sky Hub or turning it upside down.

2. Type into your browser of choice and press Enter.

3. In the right-hand Useful Settings box, select Change Wireless Password.

Change Sky Wi-Fi password

4. An authentication box will then pop up and ask for your username and password. Unimaginatively, the username is admin and the password is, wait for it, sky (the password is a random string of characters on newer Sky Hubs, which is far less risky).

Change Sky Wi-Fi password

5. Once you’re through, scroll down to the WPA2-PSK Security Encryption section of Wireless Settings and replace the default password with your new one, which has to be between eight and 63 characters. Make the password memorable and complex – not “password”, “12345678” or even “bigtechquestionisthebest”, although you’d be forgiven for the latter…

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