What’s the best cribbage app?

Best cribbage app
Cribbage Classic: you can't beat a good hand

I know what you’re thinking – who is this cutting-edge fashionista with his fancy card games? But if there’s not space in the 21st century for a card game in which you score “one for his nob” then I don’t want to live in it.  For those of you with me, here’s my verdict on what is the best cribbage app.

Cribbage Classic

Cribbage Classic is the game I’ve had on my iPad for a year or so, and it’s one I keep coming back to. It’s not only a decent game, it’s a knowledgable teacher, too. And it’s free.

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Standard or Pro. Easy is insultingly soft, Standard will give you a decent game, and Pro is almost infallible. Everything is kept dead simple – there’s no flashy graphics, rewards to be earned or intrusive ads (on the iPad, at least). The worst you’ll get is a tiny banner ad for the thing you bought on Amazon last week (God bless targeted adverts).

Cribbage Classic

The best thing about this game is what happens after the game has finished. There is a Discard Analyser that assesses the cards you put in your own crib or handed to an opponent, telling you how many points better off you’d have been on average if you’d done things differently. There’s a grim satisfaction to be had from gradually beating down your “suboptimal play history” into single digits.

The Discard Analyser can be used during games too, allowing you to enter your hand and take advice on which two cards to discard. It’s cheating at a Lance Armstrong level, but a helping hand for those learning Cribbage or trying to re-remember the rules, having last played with Grandad in 1985.

Cribbage Classic

Cribbage Classic is also available on Android and from the Windows Store, although Windows Store reviewers complain of bugs in the app, delivering an average rating of only 3.3 stars.

Cribbage Deluxe

Windows players who can’t get no satisfaction from Cribbage Classic should give Cribbage Deluxe a try. It’s pretty similar to Cribbage Classic, although it includes a reward system, where the more you play the more coins you can put towards fancier card decks or boards. I’ll leave it, if it’s all the same…

Cribbage Deluxe

Cribbage Deluxe is a little gentler on beginners, giving you a summary of all the scoring after each hand, instead of hoping that you’ll follow the counting like Cribbage Classic does. You can stop a game midway through and resume where you left off, which is another plus over Classic.

Cribbage Deluxe

The ads are a little larger than they are in Cribbage Classic, but they won’t scare the chickens. And given the app is free, it’s almost churlish to complain.


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  • Hi ! I live in Moldova… it is’t “cribbage country” but i love cribbage game, i love Cribbage Classic iOS app. Thanks for the post and …I also like Cribbage with grandpa for iOS. Good luck … I’m here alone in my love for Cribbage 🙁

    Igor, Chisinau, Moldova

  • I just deleted the app. Alot of people like it and alot point out significant programming flaws. I reached a point that any level that I was playing was not worth the time I was wasting trying to have a strategy when there was no way I could win or even come close. Feed back is negative using suboptimal plays..where I missed .2 of a point. 😳 if it is the goal to teach and improve cribbage play this is sub- standard programing. By the way I am a very good cribbage player especially when deals are random. Thanks for the debrief…i actually got this app on your above recommendation.

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