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How do I switch off Facebook birthday notifications?

how to stop facebook birthday reminders
Happy birthday to you - just stop nagging me!

Fed up of¬†birthday notifications appearing on Facebook every single blinking day? You’re not alone. Luckily, it’s possible to switch off Facebook birthday notifications – here’s how.

Switch off Facebook birthday notifications on your PC or laptop

First, head to your Facebook home page (hit the F icon at the top left). Now select the downwards-pointing arrow at the top right of the page.

Switch off Facebook notificationsClick the Settings menu option (near the bottom), which will take you to the General Account Settings page as shown. Click on the Notifications option down the left-hand side.

You’ll be taken to the Notifications Settings page. Click on the Edit button on the top line, to the right of “On Facebook”.

Switch off Facebook notifications

Final step: make sure the dropdown¬†button next to Birthdays is switched to Off. Now to any apps you own…

Switch off Facebook birthday notifications on Android and iOS

It’s actually easier to switch off Facebook birthday notifications on your phone or tablet.

Switch off Facebook notifications

First, select the main menu (usually a so-called Hamburger symbol, of three horizontal lines one above the other), which will probably be at the bottom right of the screen.

Scroll down until you get to “Notification settings”. Select that.

Switch off Facebook notifications

You can now hit the Birthdays option and select what level you want. You can either allow certain notifications (for example, email or text messages), or just block them altogether.

Job done.


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