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How do I get rid of People in Windows 10?

Get rid of People in Windows 10
Fake friends: Windows 10's People app is faintly pointless

How many of you landed on this page seeking advice on how to bump off that rich but stubbornly elderly aunt, only to fail to read the final three words of the headline in your haste? Bad luck wannabe murderers, because the only people you’re going to rid off on the back of this article is the irritating People icon in the Windows 10 taskbar.

What is People in Windows 10?

Users of the latest version of Windows 10 will have noticed a small icon that looks like two people in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it and it opens the People menu, a feature so useless it can only have been designed by Microsoft.

The idea is that it collates all your communication with your most regular contacts. The reality is it pulls in only a slender slice of your communications and assumes all your communications are via Microsoft’s own apps: Mail, Skype etc. It doesn’t even work with Outlook, which is Microsoft’s own email app, for pity’s sake.

People is, therefore, a good idea badly executed: the most sensible thing to do is execute the two little folk wasting space in your Taskbar.

How to get rid of People in Windows 10

Right-click on any blank space in the taskbar (the black bar at the bottom of the screen) and you’ll see an option called “Show People button”, which is ticked. Untick that and the two little people will be banished from your screen.

Get rid of People in Windows 10

At least, until the next Windows update, when Microsoft will doubtless decide you REALLY NEED this feature and turn it back on for you…

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