How do I get a Sky Now TV Sports Day Pass for only £2?

Sky Now TV Sports Day Pass
Once you pop... you can watch Palace vs Spurs

By eating crisps. (Actually, are Pringles crisps? I feel another question coming on.)

Yes, right now there’s a Pringles promotion running where, if you buy two of its 30g tubes for about £1 each, you get a free Sky Now TV Sports Day Pass. That’s a £6 saving on the regular price of a one-day pass.

So, if you’re a football fan, but reluctant to hand Murdoch a whopping slice of your hard-earned for Sky Sports every month, you can watch a match or two for a couple of quid. And have a brutally unhealthy snack to go with it.

When you buy the Pringles, don’t rip up the tubes looking for a special voucher on the inside of the lid or some such. The code is actually printed on the bottom of the tube, in a near indecipherable dot-matrix.

Once you’ve got two codes, visit and fill out the form. Beware! At this point you’ll be asked to enter a username and password. Don’t enter your Now TV username and password – you first have to register for a Pringles account, so that they can pummel your email address with offers until it collapses into a starchy mush for them to make more Pringles from.

Once you’ve registered with Pringles, you’ll be presented with the code that you can use to unlock your Now TV day pass. Don’t waste it on Stoke vs Huddersfield.

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