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How do I watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD?

Watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD
Here's how to enjoy Netflix at its sharpest

If you’re shelling out £10 per month for a Premium Netflix package, you’ll want to make sure that the picture is as crisp as possible. After all, you want to see every wrinkle on Danny DeVito’s face in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and be blinded by the Day-Glo sheen of Despicable Me 2. Luckily, it’s a piece of pixellated cake to watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD – as long as you’ve got the right equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A smart 4K Ultra HD TV from 2014 or later. To see if your TV supports Netflix in 4K Ultra HD, sift through the list on Netflix’s website.
  • A Premium Netflix subscription (currently £9.99 per month in the UK, after being increased by £1 earlier this year). You can upgrade here.
  • A fast broadband connection of at least 25Mbits/sec. Not sure how fast your connection is? Head to and click Go to find out.

Once you’re set up with the Netflix app on your smart TV (the process will vary depending on the model), make sure that your streaming quality is set to High or Auto. This can be changed at Account | Playback settings.

Netflix in 4K Ultra HDOnce that’s done, it’s a case of actually finding something to watch. Unfortunately, it’s still relatively slim pickings Ultra-HD-wise on Netflix so you won’t be confronted with a plethora of films and TV programmes when you type “Ultra HD” into the search bar.

However, you can still enjoy most of the latest, crowd-pleasing Netflix Originals – including The CrownBlack MirrorNarcos, Stranger ThingsOrange Is The New BlackDark and Jessica Jones – in crystal-clear quality.

Netflix in 4K Ultra HD

If you’re not the fortunate owner of a 4K Ultra HD smart TV, join the club. However, you can also enjoy the best the streaming service has to offer via the Windows 10 app or the Microsoft Edge browser. Of course, you’ll still need a 4K Ultra HD monitor, but these are getting cheaper by the day and you can pick up a very decent model for less than £250.

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