What were VideoPlus+ codes?

VideoPlus+ codes
Did you record Taggart? It was never a problem with VideoPlus+

VideoPlus+ codes were nothing short of sourcery when they first arrived in the late 1980s. Instead of having to manually program your VCR to record Match of the Day by tapping the Hr and Min buttons on the LCD display 86 times, you could instead enter a simple code printed in the newspaper. The Jetsons never had it so good.

How did they work? The codes were generated by an algorithm that told the video recorder on which date, time and channel to make the recording. The newspapers printed the codes alongside the relevant programme in their TV listings and you simply entered the digits using the VCR’s remote control. Simple, but not flawless.

For starters, some of the codes were pretty long, running to ten digits or more. If your mum mixed up two digits while yelling them out to your Dad just before you set off to visit the in-laws, you’d end up recording Harry Secombe’s Highway instead of Coronation Street – a trigger for thousands of divorces in the early 1990s.

VideoPlus+ also took no account of overrunning schedules. If Sports Personality of the Year overran, the recording would stop and all you’d see is Des Lynam preparing to hand over the prize to Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, as the two recordings on your tape overlapped.  To take account of shows being delayed because Princess Margaret had dropped off the twig, you’d need another feature called Programme Delivery Control (PDC), which only Terry Watkins from 4F had, because his dad was a regional manager for Tandy.

The advent of Sky+ and digital programme guides were the beginning of the end for VideoPlus+ codes. But they still survived until well into this decade, the last reported sighting being in the Radio Times sometime in 2012.

The technology now seems almost ludicrously quaint. But unless you’ve experienced the joy of recording Heartbeat by tapping 684947334 into your VCR remote control, you’ve lived a hollow life.

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  • Thanks for posting this – Just bought a magnavox DVD recorder that has the “VCR Plus+” function, and your article has helped narrow down when the recorder was made.

  • I used those codes. I was a teenager in the 90s and found this really neat. Our Philips VCR also supported PDC which meant the TV station started and stopped the recording. This way nothing was ever missed even when a program started too soon or ended too late. For some reason this technology disappeared even though it could still be useful today, especially in the case of live events such as sports matches.

    There was also a barcode version of VPS but I can’t recall the name of that system. Some VCR’s back in the day had remotes with a little barcode scanner in the corner. Tiny barcodes were published in paper tv guides. This way you didn’t need to enter the VPS codes manually. Just slide over the barcode with the remote, send it to the VCR and done. Amazing piece of 90s technology. 🙂