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How do I access the BT Home Hub settings?

BT Home Hub settings
Hub help: enter the number below to access settings

Something’s gone wrong with your BT Home Hub or you want to change your Wi-Fi password. How do you access the BT Home Hub settings page?

First, we’re assuming your problem with the BT Home Hub isn’t that the Wi-Fi signal has dropped completely. If it is, then try switching the router on and off as your first solution.

If you have still got a Wi-Fi signal (even if you don’t have an internet connection) then type the following into your web browser’s address bar:

Note that you don’t need to type the “http://” before that string of numbers, and you can type into any web browser – smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. If you’ve got a PC/Mac to hand we’d use that first, as the settings page is far easier to navigate on a full-size computer screen.

Once you’ve entered that address you should see a screen like this (yours won’t have the blurry bits):

BT Home Hub settings


However, to fiddle with Settings or Advanced Settings you’ll need to jump through another hoop.

Click on either of those tabs and you’ll be asked to enter the router’s admin password. You should find that on a little plastic card housed in the back of the router. Click here to find out what to do if you’ve lost that Home Hub password card.

Note: the router’s admin password is different to the password you type to add a new device to the network. Or, at least, it should be!

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