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How do I avoid charges when cancelling Sky broadband?

Charges when cancelling Sky broadband
You can incur significant charges if you cancel Sky early

There are many reasons for cancelling a contract: perhaps you’re bored of your smartphone, want to switch electricity providers or you’ve just received that €10 billion offer from Paris Saint-Germain. Unfortunately, the process is rarely straightforward and can often involve extra fees if you cancel early.

Sky broadband is no exception, but you can still avoid forking out more money if you follow the terms and conditions. We’ve dug through them to show how you can avoid charges when cancelling your Sky broadband subscription.

First, you need to ascertain how long you’ve been with Sky. If you know for a fact that it’s been longer than 12 months, you’re golden – simply cancel for free by calling 03300 413 018 or chatting with a member of staff online. However, it’s not like flicking a switch – you’ll have to serve a 14-day notice period before moving on to pastures new.

If you’re not sure, peruse your contract at (you’ll need to sign in with your Sky ID). If you’ve only been signed up for, say, nine months, I’ve got bad news: you’ll have to pay a potentially high fee to get out early.

But how high? It took a while, but I eventually found a PDF containing all of the early cancellation charges on Sky’s website. Here’s the most relevant information, which I’ve copied into the table below to, hopefully, make it more understandable. The “monthly fee” is the amount you will have to pay per month before the end of your 12-month contract. So, if the fee is £8.33 and you cancel four months early, you’ll have to shell out £33.32.

Sky Broadband Monthly fee
Sky Broadband 12GB £3.27
Sky Broadband Unlimited £7.24
Sky Fibre Unlimited £7.36
Sky Fibre Unlimited Plus £8.33
Sky Fibre Max £8.80
Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro £12.76
Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro (with Line Rental) £9.22
Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro (without TV prior to 30 September 2014) £11.20
Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro (without Line Rental) £13.19
Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro (without Line Rental or TV) £15.17
Sky Broadband Unlimited (with Line Rental) £7.24
Sky Broadband Unlimited (without TV prior to 30 September 2014) £9.22
Sky Broadband Unlimited (without Line Rental) £11.21
Sky Broadband Unlimited (without Line Rental or TV) £13.19

But, just when you think it’s all over, a line rental charge jumps out of the water Friday The 13th-style to make things very expensive indeed. Here’s an example that Sky quotes on its website.

“If you’re a Sky Broadband Unlimited customer, paying £10 per month, on a 12-month minimum contract length (minimum term) that started on the 1 August 2017 and you cancel it on the 15 April 2018, your total early termination charge would be £47.25. Here’s how that’s worked out:

Broadband Unlimited

  • £7.24 x 3 (for May, June and July) = £21.72
  • ((£7.24 / 30) x 15) (for 16 – 30 April) = £3.62
  • £21.72 + £3.62 = £25.34 (£25.50 rounded up to nearest 25p)

Plus Line Rental

  • £6.18 x 3 (for May, June and July)= £18.54
  • ((£6.18 / 30) x 15) (for 16 – 30 April)= £3.09
  • £18.54 + £3.09 = £21.63 (£21.75 rounded up to nearest 25p)

Total early termination charge, £25.50 + 21.75 = £47.25

To put that figure in perspective, it’s more than two months of Sky Broadband Unlimited at the current rate or, if you’re a fan of more obscure comparisons, 95 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

So, the best and only way to avoid charges when cancelling your Sky broadband early is to stick it out for at least 12 months. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but them’s the rules.

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