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How do I get Netflix on Sky?

Netflix on Sky
Boxed in: Netflix will soon be on Sky Q

Right now, you don’t. But later this year, you will be able to get Netflix on Sky as part of a new agreement between the two companies.

Sky plans to bundle Netflix into one or more of its subscription packages. We don’t yet know which packages or how much it will cost, but given that standalone Netflix costs from £5.99 per month (for the paltry SD version), I would expect entertainment package prices to be bumped up by at least that amount. Indeed, Sky are talking up the thousands of hours of Ultra HD content available on Netflix, and to get that standalone you’re looking at £10 per month.

Rival BT TV already offers Netflix through its set-top boxes, but you have to pay the regular Netflix subscription price separately. Sky’s announcement suggests Netflix will come as part of one its Entertainment bundles, instead of having to pay two separate bills.

The potential gotcha for existing Sky customers is that this won’t be available through Sky+ boxes.  Anecdotally, most Sky customers I know remain on the old Sky+ boxes, so this could be used as a way to drive uptake of Sky Q.

On the other hand, if Sky want you to pay, say, a hundred quid to upgrade to Sky Q (as it does currently), you’d have to question whether it’s worth it. Netflix is available on a wide range of cheap hardware, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which costs as little as £30. In fact, Sky has also announced that there will soon be a standalone Netlfix app on its recently launched Sky Now TV Stick, which costs only £20.

We’ll know more when Sky announces prices and packages later this year.

And for those worried about falling into the clutches of the Murdoch Empire, relax. Netflix will still be available separately.

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