What is the Amazon Treasure Truck?

Amazon Treasure Truck
Keep on trucking: Amazon loads it loory with chocolates and more

The Amazon Treasure Truck sounds like a bonus item in a video game such as Fortnite. In reality, it’s another way for Amazon to relieve you of disposable income.

Here’s how it works…

Amazon Treasure Truck: the lowdown

The Amazon Treasure Truck is an articulated lorry that turns up in major cities once every so often, loaded with discounted gear.

You sign up for the Treasure Truck on the Amazon website and punch in your postcode.  When the Truck’s going to be in your area, Amazon sends you an SMS alert, letting you know what’s on offer and exactly where the lorry is going to be.

Offers range from games consoles, to luxury foods, to smartwatches, to whatever else Amazon has a surplus off and literally needs to flog off the back of a lorry (my interpretation, not theirs, obvs).

If you like what’s on offer, you place an order exactly as you would for any other Amazon item, but instead of waiting for the van to come to you, you go to the van. Don’t get there before the Treasure Truck sets off? The order is cancelled and you’re given a full refund.

To stop anyone rolling up to the Treasure Truck and pretending they’ve ordered your heavily discounted bottle of Prosecco, you need to show up with the QR code you’re sent once you’ve placed an order. And some ID if you’re buying alcohol. You’re allowed to send a family member or friend down with your QR code if your unreasonable boss doesn’t give you time off to go and collect your shopping.

All things considered, this sounds more like a promotional gimmick than a regular means of shopping on Amazon. And when I signed up for the service this morning, I was sent a message back saying “we’re not in your area” – which given that Amazon already has my address and specifically prompted me to sign up sounds like a marketing fail.

Still, you’ve nothing much to lose by giving it a go. Well, except £150 when Amazon parks down your road with a lorry load of cheap Xboxes…

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