What are the new Sky channel numbers?

What are the new Sky channel numbers
All change: Sky has shifted around popular channel numbers

Turned on your Sky+/Sky Q box only to find your favourite channel has been replaced by The Jamie Oliver Channel or some other waste of pixels? That’s because Sky has performed a massive reshuffle of its channel numbers. Below, we’ll explain the changes and where to find the major channels now.

What are the new Sky channel numbers: +1 channels

The most sensible part of the reshuffle is the new system for +1 channels. Sky has moved these into the 200s and the channel numbers now directly mirror their live counterpart. So, for example, ITV is on channel 103, and ITV+1 is channel 203, making it easy to remember the catch-up numbers.

Here’s a list of popular catch-up channels:

ITV+1 – 203

C4+1 – 204

5+1 – 206

Sky One +1 – 206

Sky Atlantic +1 – 208

Gold+1 – 210

Dave ja vu – 211

Comedy Central +1 − 212

Nat Geo +1 − 229

E4 +1 – 235

What are the new Sky channel numbers: documentaries

If you like to sit down of an evening and watch documentaries about Hitler’s choice of underwear, Sky’s documentary section is the very place for you. The documentary channels have been shifted because “the distinction between the programming on Documentaries channels and general entertainment programming has become less defined,” according to Sky, as if the BBC has only just discovered these new-fangled documentary things.

Anyhow, there’s still a dedicated Documentaries section on the electronic programme guide, but many channels have new numbers, including:

Discovery HD − 125

Nat Geo HD − 129

History HD – 130

Yesterday – 155

Lifetime HD – 164

What are the new Sky channel numbers: HD channels

Under the old system, Sky would often list HD versions of channels alongside standard fuzzy definition. Now, Sky will merely show one channel, depending on which subscription package you have. If you pay extra for HD (yes, this is still a thing in 2018) then the programme guide will largely show the HD channels, and if you’re a skinflint like me, the SD channels will get prime position.

There are some exceptions to this. For starters, even if you don’t pay for Sky HD, you still get HD versions of the ‘free-to-air’ channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4. That said, BBC1 HD doesn’t move to channel 101, because it still has regional news shows that aren’t broadcast in HD, so you get stuck with fuzzyvision on channel 101, while BBC 1 HD can be found at 115. BBC2 HD is at 102. Confusing, huh?

If you’ve lost a HD/SD channel, it’s now likely loitering somewhere in the 800s.

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