How can I watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free?

watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free
Free-for-all: you don't need to pay to watch the Champions League final

The Champions League has been the preserve of BT Sport this season. That’s handy if you’re a BT Broadband or EE customer, as you can get BT Sport for free, but not so hot for fans of other broadband providers. However, the Liverpool vs Real Madrid match is going to be a free-for-all – and you can even watch the match in gloriously detailed 4K UHD. Here’s how to watch the Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free.

Watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free on YouTube

As they did last year, BT Sport is streaming the Champions League final on YouTube, meaning you don’t even have to download the BT Sport app to get an eyeful of the match.

The match will be streamed live from the BT Sport channel on YouTube in up to 4K UHD quality.  If you’re planning to watch at maximum quality, you’ll likely need a solid 15-20Mbits/sec connection.

Live streams are often difficult to find on the YouTube apps for set-top box devices such as games consoles, Roku etc. On those devices, it’s often best to use their web browsers to visit and access the stream from there.

Watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free on the BT Sport app

If you’ve already downloaded the BT Sport app, you can watch the game from there. There are versions of the app for iOS and Android. Read our article on how to stream BT Sport mobile to your television here.

The BT Sport app is superbly designed, if occasionally prone to streaming stutter. It will have a few extra features over the YouTube streams, including the ability to go back to highlights from the game and watch them from a 360-degree camera.

Watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid for free on television

BTTV subscribers will be able to watch the game on their televisions as normal. You can watch the game on the following channels:

BT TV 409 – BT Sport 2

431 – BT Sport 2 HD

433 – BT Sport 4K UHD

Sky 414 – BT Sport 2 HD
Virgin Media – BT Sport 2

Virgin Media – BT Sport 2 HD

532 – BT Sport 2

528 – BT Sport 2 HD

TalkTalk 409 – BT Sport 2

However, even if you’re not a BTTV customer, you can watch the game for free on Virgin Media channel 100. BT’s not exactly shouting about this option, which was dropped into the press release without any fanfare. Maybe it doesn’t want to antagonise paying subscribers by highlighting how it’s giving the crown jewels away for free…

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