Why has suddenly stopped working?
Rolled up: the junk mail service is temporarily no more has become one of the first victims of GDPR – and we suspect it won’t be the last.

The service – which allows you to wrap all the junk mail you’re sent into one easily digestible email – has decided it “will temporarily stop providing service to EU residents on May 23”. Why? Because it doesn’t yet comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force this month.

What will happen to and the emails it collects?

That’s a very good question and not one that’s adequately answered on the company’s website. In an email to users, states:

“While we fully support and are working diligently toward meeting all GDPR requirements, we have determined that we will not complete this effort by the regulation’s start date later this month. As a result, we will temporarily stop providing service to EU residents on May 23.

“Getting our service back up and running is a priority, and the Unroll.Me team is committed to re-introducing our service as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned for updates.”

So what will happen to all the emails that basically collects on your behalf? Will they all come flooding back into your inbox or won’t you see these emails at all during this unspecified interim period? Who knows? invites customers to check out its FAQ page, but on this Q there is sweet FA. I guess we’ll find out on May 23.

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  • Well there’s a great article on ‘how-to geek’ about why you shouldn’t use it in the first place. Find an alternative! For has been selling user data for years.