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What do the different Amazon Echo light ring colours mean?

Amazon Echo light ring colours
If your Echo device is red, don't panic – the mic's just switched off

Decrypting the Amazon Echo lights can be confusing: one minute your device is glowing a cool blue, the next it’s flashing bright violet. However, they don’t mean that your smart speaker has pulled a H.A.L. 9000 and is now refusing to open the pod bay doors. Here’s what the different Amazon Echo light ring colours mean.

Before we begin, though, it’s time for a quick The Big Tech Question art lesson. This is “cyan”…Lesson over.

Blue with spinning cyan lights

The device is starting up.

No lights

The Echo is waiting for your command.

Blue with a cyan light pointing towards you

The Echo is dealing with your request.

Flashing blue and cyan

Alexa is responding to your request.

Orange spinning light

Either the self-destruct mode has been initiated and you have ten seconds to vacate the building… or the Echo is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Solid red light

The microphone is off. Simply press the button on top of your Echo device to switch it back on.

White light

The volume is being adjusted.

Spinning violet light

Prince fans will like this one, but unfortunately it means that your Echo has failed to connect to the Wi-Fi. Head to Amazon’s troubleshooting page to solve the problem.

Spinning blue light that turns into a solid purple light

You’ve just enabled Do Not Disturb.

A flash of purple after talking to Alexa

Do Not Disturb is up and running.

Flashing yellow light

You have a message or notification. Tell Alexa to “play my messages” or ask “what did I miss?”

Flashing green light

You’re receiving a call or Drop In. Tell Alexa to either “answer” or “ignore”.

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  • Amazon echo is amazing, but when it shows errors, it is very frustrating. My alexa echo got red ring light error, then i call support centre they said there is mute button on the top of device. I have to unmute that button and my alexa is working.

  • I have green flashing light, Alexa says I have no messages and ignores my command to “ignore”. After unplugging it stoped for a few minutes but back to green flashing. What can I try next please?