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Where’s the best place to put my Sky Q box?

Best place to put Sky Q box
If in doubt, follow this photo...

“Where’s the best place to put my Sky Q box?” you ask your mate Dave. He gives you one of those looks. “Next to the TV, of course. Next question!” While that’s certainly the case, there are a few gaping pitfalls you should avoid that, as with Sky routers, could impact the performance of your Sky Q box. Here they are.

Steer clear of the carpet

It may sound strange, but putting your Sky Q box directly onto the carpet or a deep-pile rug is a big no-no, according to the company. The issue is ventilation: the fibres of the carpet will trap the hot air and cause the device to heat up, potentially shortening its lifespan or causing failures further down the line. Plus, you’re more likely to tread on it.

Let it breathe

In fact, ventilation is the most important factor in Sky’s advice for Sky Q owners. By all means, put the box on a shelf, cabinet or TV stand, but make sure that there’s at least 10cm of space above it and to the sides of the vents. This will allow the air to circulate and heat to dissipate. This is common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.

Don’t stack devices

It’s tempting to maximise shelf space by stacking your Sky Q on top of, or beneath, a games console or another streaming box. Again, this is something you should avoid as it will drastically heat up all of the devices – and cause them to melt into an all-consuming plastic blob monster (okay, not really).

Stay in the shade

Like Nosferatu or a knickerbocker glory, the Sky Q box doesn’t exactly thrive in direct sunlight. Chances are that your TV will already be in a shady spot to avoid the dreaded reflections, but make sure that your Sky Q isn’t basking in the sun.

Image: William Hook via Flickr

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