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What are the best Windows 10 gestures?

best Windows 10 gestures
Let your fingers do the talking with Windows 10 gestures

Gestures are one of the most under-used aspects of Windows 10. Commit them to muscle memory and they can save you valuable time – and they’re customisable too. Here, we’ll explore the best Windows 10 gestures and how to make them your own.

What are Windows 10 gestures?

Gestures is a fancy way of saying using two or more fingers on your touchpad. Pinch and zoom is an excellent example of a gesture that’s supported by Windows 10, but rarely used.

Before we go on to list the best Windows 10 gestures, we should point out that some of them require a precision touchpad. It doesn’t look any different from a normal touchpad; it simply meets extra specifications that Microsoft demands.

To find out if yours is a precision touchpad, type “touchpad settings” into the search box (or go Settings > Devices > Touchpad) and look for the cryptic words “Your PC has a precision touchpad” at the top.

best Windows 10 gestures

Best Windows 10 gestures (simple ones)

Scroll up and down: Rest two fingers on the touchpad and slide up or down.

Scroll sideways: Sometimes, you’ll be able to repeat the trick but go sideways.

Bring up the context menu (like right-clicking): Tap the touchpad with two fingers.

See the Timeline: Rest three fingers on the touchpad then swipe up.

Show the desktop: As above, so three fingers on the touchpad, but swipe down.

Open Cortana: Tap the touchpad with three fingers.

Open the Windows 10 action centre: Tap the touchpad with four fingers.

The very best Windows 10 gesture… but it needs dexterity

My favourite Windows 10 gesture allows you to select from all open applications – but it ain’t easy.

First, rest three fingers on the touchpad. Now swipe left or right. Lift one of the three fingers so only two are resting on the touchpad. You’ll see something like this.

best Windows 10 gesturesNow you can navigate through the open applications using the two fingers to scroll up, left, down etc. When you’ve found the one you want, let go.

Note you can keep three fingers on the touchpad to navigate if you prefer, but I find that more difficult.

Customising Windows 10 gestures

While these are the default Windows 10 gestures, you can tweak them if you prefer. Head to touchpad settings (type “touchpad settings”).

best Windows 10 gestures

Here, you’ll be able to tweak any gesture. Some odd people prefer to scroll in the opposite direction, for instance, or perhaps you’d prefer to change the volume when you place three fingers on the touchpad.

The choice is yours. Enjoy!

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