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What does the coloured light on my Google Wifi mean?

Google Wifi
Light relief: find out what those colours mean

Google Wifi is one of the new mesh router set-ups. Instead of using a single router to try and squirt Wi-Fi all over your house, you use two, three or more units to provide blanket coverage.

But what does that cool-looking horizontal light across the middle of the Google Wifi mean?

Solid green or white

Your Wifi point is registered and all is well. This is normally green (or teal, as Google like to describe it) but can also appear as white, depending on the settings.

Pulsing blue

Your Wifi point is ready for setup or is downloading a firmware update. If you believe it’s the former, go through the setup in the Google Wifi app. When you’re setup and online, the light will turn solid green. If downloading an update, wait for the download to complete. If the light doesn’t return to solid green, restart the router.

Solid blue

Your Wifi point is performing a factory reset  – this could take up to five minutes. When it’s done, it will reset and start pulsing blue, letting you know it’s ready for setup.

Pulsing amber

Your Wifi point has no internet connection. Check the connection between your modem and your primary Google Wifi point. If it’s not the primary device, it may be that it’s too far away from a stable connection, so move it closer to another, working point.

Pulsing Red

Your Wifi point has a problem. Try restarting it and, if that doesn’t cure the issue, head into the Google Wifi app to see if that tells you anything more.

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