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How do I restart a Nest Cam?

Restart a Nest Cam
Switched on: you'll need to be creative to restart the Nest Cam

So, you have a Nest Cam installed, maybe an outdoor one, quite possible plugged in somewhere that’s not easily accessible? That’s fine, except something’s gone wrong and you need to restart the camera to fix it. But how do you restart a Nest Cam?

How to (ahem) restart a Nest Cam using the app

Ha ha, fooled you. Yes, that’s right, there is NO option within the Nest app to restart your device. Quite why Nest doesn’t provide this is beyond me.

In my case, one of my outdoor Nest Cams is plugged into a socket in the loft, so re-powering the device is possible but a pain each time (although I’ve only had to do it once in the past four months).

How to actually restart a Nest Cam using hardware

One solution would be to use a single-socket mains extension, ensuring the extension’s socket is in a more convenient place. That’s the cheapest, albeit not the neatest, option.

Alternatively, for £11.99 (at time of writing), how about an internet-connected socket that works with an app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant? The TECKIN smart plug sits between your mains socket and your plug and allows you to remotely re-power any device plugged into it.

For that price, it’s worth a punt. And, of course, as soon as you buy it, Nest will add a restart option to its app.

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