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What do the coloured lights on my TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub mean?

TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub
Light reading: we reveal what the Hub LEDs indicate

The new TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub, replacing the “Super Router”, is receiving positive reviews in the press.

However, no router performs spotlessly. If you’re seeing warning lights on your TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub and you’re not sure what they mean, here’s our quick guide to what those LEDs indicate.

Blinking amber

Your Wi-Fi Hub is starting up. You might see this if you suddenly lost power or the router has decided to reboot itself. Sometimes routers reboot automatically to shake off a connection problem. Rebooting your router is often the easiest way to solve connection problems. Sometimes things just get stuck!

Blinking amber and white

Your Wi-Fi Hub is connecting to the internet. Your devices may show they have a Wi-Fi connection, but you won’t be able to access any websites or online apps until the white has gone solid white.

Solid white

You’re connected to the internet. All is good.

Solid amber

Your Wi-Fi Hub is verifying your connection. If the light stays solid amber for more than 15 minutes, you’ve got a problem. It’s ti,me for a chat with those lovely people on the TalkTalk helpdesk.

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