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What does the light on the PlayStation 4 mean?

light playstation 4
If your Sony PS4 is shining blue, then there's nothing else you need to do

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has a single LED to indicate the console’s current status. On the original PS4 as pictured above, this was a light strip running across the top, front to back. On the newer PS4 slim this is now a small LED is on the front, left-hand side. For those lucky enough to have a PS4 Pro, the LED is in the bottom, left-hand corner of the front panel.

Whichever version you have, though, the colours mean the same…

Solid blue

Your PS4 is powering on. If it remains blue then a system error has occurred.

Solid white

Your PS4 is on and working normally.

Blinking orange

Your console is entering rest mode. After a few seconds, it should turn…

…Solid orange

Your PS4 is in rest mode. Rest mode is a low-power state, where it can charge controllers, download and install content.

Blinking white

Your console is powering itself off. When off, the light will switch off entirely. If it remains blinking white then a system error may have occurred.

Blinking blue

A system error has occurred. Try powering it off from the mains socket and then switch it back on after a minute has passed.

Pulsing Red

Your PS4 is overheating. Clean out the vents (sensibly) the best you can and consider positioning it somewhere with better airflow.

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