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What does the light on the Tenda Nova M3 mean?

Tenda Nova M3 light
The Nova M3 comes with three nodes, but we don't recommend putting them all in one place...

Mesh Wi-Fi networks are all the rage at the moment and the Nova M3 is proving to be amazing value for money, costing less than £92 for 3 units. The Tenda Nova M3 light is a single LED on the front, but what does the colour mean?

Solid green

The primary unit it working normally. On secondary units, this indicates a good connection to the primary unit.

Solid yellow

On secondary units, this indicates an average connection from the primary unit.

Solid red

On secondary units, this means that it’s disconnected from the primary unit.

Blinking slow

The primary unit has connected to the internet. For secondary units, this means that it has successfully connected to the primary unit.

Blinking fast

A factory reset is in process.

So what do you do if you hit problems? Your best option is to search Tenda’s support website. Type “MW3” into the FAQ search box and you’ll find all relevant items for the mesh router.

Right now, this isn’t stuffed with information. But there are useful articles on such things as blacklisting devices and resetting the nodes. There’s also a handy Live Chat option on the site if you can’t find the answer to your problem.

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