How do you add a website to the Android home screen?

add website Android home screen
True icon: your favourite website is a mere press of a button away

You love The Big Tech Question. Instead of going to the browser to open the site you want to add an icon for our website to your Android home screen, so you can check for new updates at the donk of a button. But – and this is probably the most meta question we’ve ever answered – how do you do it?

Add a website to the Android home screen

This is one of those solutions that’s dead easy, but only if you know where to look for it.

First, open the website of your choice (The Big Tech Question, The Big Tech Question, The Big Tech Question) in the browser on your Android handset. We’re using Chrome, but most other browsers will offer the same facility.

Now click the menu button (three dots) in the top-right corner and select Add to Home Screen. The following pop-up should appear:

Add website icon to Android home screen

You’re given a chance to edit the wording that will appear under the website’s icon on your home screen. Edit it down to two or three words that describe the site.

Click Add and you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re creating a home screen icon. Once you’ve done that, the icon for the site should appear on your home screen, taking you straight to the site’s homepage every time it’s pressed. No messing.

As with any Android app icon, you can hold it down for half or second or so and drag it to a new position on your Android home screen if you don’t like the position it was put in automatically.

If you have icons for several websites and want to group them together, you can hold down an icon and drag it into another one to create a folder. Alternatively, long press on any blank space on your home screen, select widgets and choose the Chrome bookmarks widget to have faster access to your browser bookmarks.

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