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What do the lights on the Nintendo Wii mean?

Nintendo Wii
Wii warning: the console's lights are sending you a message

The Nintendo Wii may be 12 years old but due to its family-friendly nature and just how insanely popular it was at the time, it can still be found in many a living room. With both a light in the power button and a glowing disc light, what do those different colours means?

Power light

Green –  the Console power is powered on

Orange/yellow – the Wii is in standby. WiiConnect24* will continue to work during this time.

Red – the Wii is switched off but is still receiving power. WiiConnect24* will not be working.

No light – the Wii is switched off and is not receiving any power. WiiConnect24* will not be working.

Disc slot illumination

When this is flashing blue, the WiiConnect24* has received new data.

However, this can be changed from the Wii’s settings, so may have been overridden.

*WiiConnect24 allows your Wii console to receive a wide variety of data automatically – email message, a system update, etc.

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