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How do you block a number on your iPhone?

block a number on your iphone
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Whether you’re being bothered by cold callers or an ex-partner, you may want to block a number on your iPhone. Not only will this ensure those pesky phone calls no longer get through, it also stops the number being used for SMS and FaceTime.

In this article, we’ll cover how to block a number – and how to unblock it too.

How to block a number on your iPhone

First, head into the Phone app. Now click on the Recents tab at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see a blue “information” icon to the right of each phone number. Click on the one next to the number you wish to block.block a number on your iphoneAt the bottom of the next screen is an option titled “Block this Caller”. Click on this to instantly block the phone number.block a number on your iphone

How to unblock a number on your iPhone

If the phone number is still on your list of recent callers then our advice is simple: just repeat the above advice. The only difference is that the final screen will now say “Unblock this Caller”.

Alternatively, you can see a full list of blocked numbers and change them from the Phone settings…

First, head into Settings and then Phone.block a number on your iphoneClick on “Call Blocking & Identification”. This will list all your blocked contacts.Click on Edit to remove any numbers from the list. You’re done.

What does blocking a number actually mean?

While blocking a number means you won’t see the number flash up on your screen or ever have to take their calls, they can still leave voicemails. You won’t receive a notification that they’ve left you a message, but it will be there.

The better news is that blocking a number means they can’t send you messages or FaceTime you.

So what does the blocked person see? Nothing. They don’t know you’re blocking them, other than the lack of replies. Hopefully, this cold shoulder will be enough to mean they don’t call again.

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