Where are Minecraft screenshots saved?

Where are Minecraft screenshots saved
Who's looking? Your Minecraft screenshots are well hidden

If you’re a Minecraft Java Edition player, you probably know that pressing the F2 button on your keyboard takes a screenshot. And if you didn’t, you do now. But where are Minecraft screenshots saved on your PC?

How to find saved Minecraft screenshots on a PC

Minecraft certainly doesn’t make it easy to hunt down those saved screenshots.

The simplest way to find them is to type the following into Windows search (found in the bottom left of the screen in Windows 10:


Now click on the Appdata file folder that should appear in the search results.

Next, click on the .minecraft¬†folder, which is normally at the top of the list. And finally click on the screenshots folder to find all of those screengrabs that you’ve taken – either deliberately or by accidentally whacking F2 in a moment of Creeper-induced panic.

How to find saved Minecraft screenshots on a mobile or tablet

If you’ve taken a screenshot on a mobile or tablet – normally by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously – then the screenshot should be saved in either the Photos app (Apple devices) or the Gallery app (Android).

Now read this:¬†Does Windows 10’s Game Mode make any difference?

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  • When playing on a realm or external server there’s a camera button by the bottom left corner of the pause menu, taking a shot with that icon removes the coords, hot bar, and other icons on the screen. This shot can now be posted on the server post menu. Now, where are those images saved on Mobile