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How do I find out what’s new on Netflix?

What's new on Netflix?
Bored of the current Netflix crop? There's always new content on the horizon...

Already watched all three Alvin and the Chipmunks films, ten series of Friends and seven of Mad Men? Fear not, Netflix regularly restocks its shelves with fresh releases. Here’s how to find out what’s new on Netflix.

If you’re an irregular user, Netflix occasionally gives you a list of new content that has been added “in the previous X days”. This gives you a breakdown of everything, with the biggest blockbusters or TV programmes at the top of the page.

But it’s not something you’ll see if you’re a “power user” (the kind of person who, say, watched all of the excellent Wild Wild Country in a single day).

Coming to the rescue is the slightly less obvious “Recently Added” tab at the top of the Netflix homepage.

What's new on Netflix?

Tap or click this option to reveal a list of new programmes and movies. Sort of. The main issue is that Netflix’s definition of “recently” extends to over a week – sometimes a lot longer.

How to find what’s new on Netflix: The connoisseur’s method

If that doesn’t cut the mustard, there’s a far better option in the form of What’s on Netflix. This invaluable website gives a weekly summary of all of the new content on the site and includes helpful recommendations. 

Once you’ve clicked on a “What’s New” article, scroll down to see a full list of films, TV shows, documentaries and stand-up specials…

Voilà, nothing will ever slip under your Netflix radar again. Just be sure to always select “United Kingdom” when browsing What’s on Netflix or you’ll quickly become green with envy at the treasure-trove of content on the American version. Too bad that it’s, ahem, “off limits”…

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