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How do you upgrade from Windows 10 in S mode to full Windows 10?

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If you’ve bought a Surface Go or Surface Laptop, it was probably supplied with Windows 10 in S mode. But what if you want to switch to the full Windows 10 operating system? We explain all…

First, head to the Microsoft Store (the white bag with a Windows icon that’s almost certainly sitting on your taskbar). Search for “s mode” and you’ll see something like this appear:

You’ll immediately notice that it promises an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, but that’s now outdated information: if you’re using the Surface Go, you’ll only be upgraded to Windows 10 Home.

Also note that, before I could see the above, I had to update the Microsoft Store – by downloading a new Microsoft Store app from the existing Microsoft Store, which is a bit mind-bending.

Click on “Learn more”.  You’ll see the following screen, where it tells you that “if performance, security and peace of mind are your top priorities, stick with Windows 10 in S mode”. Not persuaded? Then click on the blue “Get” button.

A few seconds will pass and the “Get” button will become “Install”. 

Hit Install and then… pretty much nothing. Silently, it switches from Windows 10 in S mode to either Windows 10 Home (in the case of the Surface Go) or Windows 10 Pro.

To check it’s worked, type “About” into the search bar. Click on “About your PC” and scroll down to “Windows specifications”. Where it once said Windows 10 Home in S mode, it will now simply say Windows 10 Home. (Or Windows 10 Pro, depending on your device.)

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