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What do the lights on the Wii U mean?

Wii U
Lit up: find out what the lights on the Wii U reveal

The Nintendo Wii U, the follow-up to the massively popular Nintendo Wii, was very much unloved and quickly replaced with the Switch. However, there are plenty still in everyday use.

The Wii U has several different indicator lights, but what do those mysterious lights mean? With some on the console and some on the GamePad, it’s a disco of LED insanity. Here we explain all.

The Wii U console – power LED

Blue – the power is on

Orange – the power is off but a software download or installation is in progress

Red – the power is off

The Wii U console – disc LED

This lights up when a disc is inserted into the console.

The Wii U GamePad – battery LED

Solid red – the battery level is low

Flashing red – the battery level is very low

The Wii U GamePad – HOME button

The HOME Button will flash when you receive a notification, when you receive a Wii U Chat message, or when a friend is online.

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