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How do you broadcast live audio on Twitter?

broadcast live audio on Twitter
Sound check: you can podcast live from Twitter now (Photo by Gavin Whitner)

Twitter has offered live video broadcasts for some time, but what if you’re camera-shy and just want to broadcast live audio on Twitter?

Twitter has recently updated its iOS app, allowing users to broadcast audio-only for the first time. Here’s how to become a social media radio star.

Broadcast live audio on Twitter

First, open the window to start a new tweet. At the bottom of the screen, you should see the red button that allows you to go Live.

When you press the Live button, it will default to a video broadcast. Don’t worry, the stream doesn’t actually start until you press the Go Live button on the following screen, so relax if you’re podcasting in your pants.

To switch off the video, click on the microphone icon on the Go Live screen and you should see a little pop-up saying Enable Audio Only Broadcast as below:

If you want to give your broadcast a title or tell people what it’s about and who’s presenting, enter text in the What’s Happening box at the top.

Once you press Go Live you’ll be broadcasting to any of your followers who’ve tuned in. To encourage listeners, Twitter puts live broadcasts (audio or video) at the top of people’s feeds, so if someone’s accessing Twitter at that time, they should see you’re broadcasting.

The live feed has a chat facility, so listeners can make comments or ask questions while you’re broadcasting. They will appear on your screen and those of other viewers/listeners.

There’s also a weird facility to draw on screen while you’re broadcasting, although what you’re drawing disappears after a few seconds. I’m guessing this is more intended to highlight parts of a video feed, but it’s there in audio too if you want it.

Any live broadcasts you make are archived on your feed, so if someone isn’t on Twitter at the precise moment you broadcast they can listen to the audio later. You can also embed the tweet into your web pages, as below (you might not see this if you’re viewing on mobile).

That means you could potentially use Twitter as a means of delivering podcasts, although right now you have to do it via the mic on your iPhone/iPad, so audio quality is hardly A1.

Still, for short bursts of audio live from a scene, for live interviews, or just to deliver a brief opinion on something, Twitter audio broadcasts have genuine potential.

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