Roblox promo codes: how do you get them?

Get Roblox promo codes
Promo items can make you stand out for the crowd – for a bit...

As with Fortnite, there’s a lot of “keeping up with the Joneses” in Roblox: an exclusive item of clothing or object can mark you out from the crowd and make your friends green with envy. By far the most elusive – and, consequently, desirable – “virtual goods” come in the form of free promotional offers. But how do you actually get Roblox promo codes?

How to get Roblox promo codes

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer: you don’t really “get” the free codes, but are given them by official Roblox members of staff at certain events or as part of time-sensitive giveaways. The codes are usually sent directly to players via Twitch (the game-streaming platform, if you’re not au fait) or Roblox mail and, by their very nature, are sporadic and hard to predict.

The majority of the codes released so far have been to celebrate a milestone (for example, a birthday cake hat to celebrate 12 years since Roblox was first released) or a tie-in with a film (a snazzy pair of Jurassic World sunglasses, say). You can see a full-ish list of previous promo codes at the dedicated Roblox wiki.

To be honest, though, a glance down the list of promo codes accessories shows that, whisper it, they’re not actually very exciting. Yes, there are some nice looking hats and sunglasses, but they’re the kind of thing you’ll wear for a day, shout “look at me!” and then completely forget about. However, if you’re still desperate to have, for instance, the Twitter bird shoulder accessory, it’s worth typing the code into the box here to redeem it.

In fact, you could try redeeming any of the Roblox promo codes listed on the wiki, but bear in mind that most of them were time-sensitive and have now expired. Sorry.

Instead, we would recommend maximising your chances of getting your mitts on new promo codes by living and breathing Roblox: regularly check the official Twitter account and, this is very important, follow Roblox on Twitch. Note that many codes are released during live streams and at ticketed events so, if you can spare the time and money, it’s worth staying as up to date as possible.

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