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How do I disable emojis on my iPhone?

Disable emojis on my iPhone
Sayonara, sad face

We’re often told that emojis are becoming a new language full of subtlety and subtext – in fact, “emoji translator” is now even a real-world job. Seriously. But what if you’re not buying it and are heartily sick of 😂, 😘 and, of course, 🍆? Luckily, if you’re an iPhone user, getting rid of the little blighters is a 🍰. Here’s how to disable emojis on your iPhone or iPad.

First, a caveat. Although the following steps will remove emojis from your iOS keyboard, people will still be able to pester you with them to you via SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. 😭

There are a couple of tools (such as Nomoji) online that promise to completely block emojis,  but they only work with “jailbroken” phones and are likely to cause more problems than they solve 😡. So you can never truly escape – unless you revert to a cheap dumbphone or delete all of the messaging apps that use them .

How to disable emojis on your iPhone

To bin emojis from your iPhone keyboard, head to the Settings app and tap General. Select Keyboards and then choose Keyboards at the top of the menu. Note that the process is exactly the same if you’re using an iPad.

This will bring up a list of most probably two keyboards (English (United Kingdom) and Emoji). Click Edit and tap the Emoji listing. This will bring up an ominous red circle.

Disable emojis on my iPhone

Tap the red circle to be given the all-important Delete option…

Tap it and, hey presto, you’ll no longer have emojis on your iPhone keyboard 🎉🥂🙌🔥.

To reverse the process, you’ll have re-add the emoji keyboard to your list. Tab through to Settings | General | Keyboard | Keyboards and then Select Add New Keyboard. Then it’s simply a case of scrolling down to Emoji and peppering your messages with faces again. The future is now. 

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